Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for listings in both directories is really quick and easy. Here's some handy step-by-step advice to get you started, as well as a few FAQs to help you along the way.

Making a basic search

To get your search started select one or a combination of the following options.

  • Type the name of the company/keyword you're looking for into the Company Name/Keyword box. Example: 'Equestrian Management Consultants', 'riding boots', 'BETA', 'saddle pads'.
  • Select a location by entering a specific county or leave as '(Any)' to search all areas.
  • Enter a postcode.
  • Click on the BETA Member button to search for all BETA member companies.

Click on the Search button to display your results.

With Advanced Searches, you can alternatively search by:

  • A specific category.
  • By brand name.

Problem Buster

If you're having problems with your search, check out these suggestions:

  • Is your spelling correct?
  • Does the company have an alternative name?
  • Reduce the company name to the first word. Example: Cut 'Equestrian Management Consultants' to 'Equestrian'.
  • Widen your search from one specified county to 'Any'.
  • Use less specific criteria to allow more results. Example: Select postcode or category only.


Q: Do you have to be a BETA member to use the directories?

A: No, anyone is eligible to search both the BED and TSD.

Q: What is a BETA member and how can I find out more about becoming a member?

A: A BETA member is a company involved in the equestrian industry who has complied with the strict conditions of BETA membership. BETA members must prove that they are professionally run businesses of benefit to the industry before they are offered membership of the association. BETA members receive a range of benefits aimed at helping them run their business more profitably and becoming more professional. For details of how to become a BETA member go to or call 01937 587062.

Q: Which directory should I search in, the BED or TSD?

A: To use our online directory, we have provided two directories to assist you in finding the product or service. The general consumer looking for a retailer or service (e.g. farrier) for their personal or small business use would want to look in our BED; whereas if you are a retailer or buyer looking for manufacturers or suppliers of a particular brand or product, you would want to search our TSD.

Q: Which directory is the best to create a listing in, the BED or TSD?

A: If you are interested in listing your company or service on our online directory, you may select from either of our directories to reach your target audience. If you are a retailer or want to provide a service and wish to be viewed by a large consumer audience, then you will want to list in the BED. If however, you are a manufacturer or supplier of products and brands who wish to be viewed by a large audience of retailers, then you will want to list in the TSD.

Q: Is there a charge for searching the BED or TSD?

A: No, there is not a charge to search the BED or TSD.

Q: Why, when I perform a search in the directories, do my results not appear to have a sort order?

A: To provide the companies listed in our directory with equal opportunities, we have allowed the order to change and each company given the opportunity to be at the top of the list (within their category).