Equestrian Colleges / Education Centres

Whether you are just beginning to have horse riding lessons, are a novice rider looking for tuition to improve your horse riding skills, or an advanced rider who wants to develop their horse riding technique further, you'll find a riding school or equestrian centre close to you.

Look out for riding schools or equestrian centres who provide BHS qualified instructors to ensure you are receiving good quality tuition and training. Some centres provide specialist equine instruction such as dressage or show jumping, as well as general horse riding lessons.

We also list equestrian and land based colleges and equestrian centres dedicated to education and tuition in the equine sector for those seeking to further their skills within the equine profession or who are looking for a career within the equestrian industry.

Equestrian colleges and education centres offer a variety of equestrian courses, with some offering distance learning and short courses, whilst universities may even have a dedicated equestrian faculty, offering degrees in varied equestrian qualifications.

Equine education courses cover a range of disciplines within the equine industry including stable management, equine nutrition, equine medicine, business management and equine science.