Horse & Rider Clothing & Tack

As with any sport or past time, you need to invest in the right clothing and equipment. This is no different in the equestrian industry. General riding will require a riding hat, body protector, pair of jodhpurs or breeches, boots, gloves and riding jacket.

Essential riding equipment for the horse includes a saddle, numnah and girth, bridle and leather work and possibly boots or bandages depending on the event you partake in.

You'll also need equipment for the day to day care of your horse comprising of grooming brushes, feed and supplements, stable equipment and mucking out tools, together with a set of summer and winter rugs.

This section also contains a plethora of equestrian suppliers and equine retailers who also provide more specific attire including showing jackets, cross country wear, dressage shirts, discipline specific saddles and tack.

And you'll find lots of equestrian retailers and country stores that offer more country clothing and footwear for when you just want to look good away from the stables!